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President's Message:  


Greetings from the Asian Business Association of the Inland Empire!

*** Happy New Year 2019  ***

2018 is in the past! And here comes the new and exciting year of 2019.

As a non profit with all volunteer boards, everyone contribute within their own strength, and come together as one united team of ABAIE.

At the planning meeting, ABAIE board has come up with planned events through out the year of 2019. Each event has its own chairman/woman, and each is to grow ABAIE by providing tangible membership benefits.

As the President, I see my role as providing empowerment to each board member to learn, embrace, and exercise their leadership role in the community. ABAIE is diverse, and we show our diversities in our Board of Directors. 

In January, we start our first "Asian Moms With Young kids monthly Networking", lead by Rachael Yun, an ABAIE member. She is a working mom with young kids. I was a mom with a young child as well. My daughter is now in college. As I look back, I see the trend of what young moms are experiencing. They would stay home for the kids, then starting a part time job with flexible hours, or, become entrepreneurs which provide the ultimate flexibility on time. I call this Networking events as "Entrepreneurs In the making" Networking events. We can start reaching out early and provide educations on how to.

Also in January, we will start our first Leadership training, sponsored by Comerica Bank. As a non profit, we will continuously grow, and be in need of new leaders with integrity, and passion to help our local community. For that, we need to constantly learning, sharpening our leadership skills. We are grateful for Comerica Bank who is eager to contribute to the Inland Empire community, through its fundings, and volunteerism. We invite all of our members to join us in our Leadership training sessions.

Our monthly "Happy Hour" Mixer, lead by Chien J Wang, is doing extremely well. Please 'like' us on facebook, as Chien is very active on facebook.

Sylva Burroughs is embracing and exercising her leadership traits by chairing "Health To Wealth", which will take place in March. If you are interested to be part of this event, either as a vendor, a volunteer, or a performer (Taiko drums, etc), please do not hesitate to contact Sylva.

Our 2022 President Elect: Narvee Intarachote, will lead our Small Business Development Day,  partnering up with Small Business Administration. If you want to be part of this event, please reach out to Narvee. 

I am so excited that we have more involved members, who are willing to volunteer their resources to serve, make our community a better place to do business, and bring values to members of ABAIE, and the Inland Empire Community.

Our quarterly newsletter is done by Andrew Crawford of Network Solutions and Consulting Services LLC. If you have any industry updates that are beneficial to our community, please do not hesitate to email us at

In addition to joining our mailing list at, please like our facebook page, and join our MeetUp group, to get notifications on when our next events will be. 

I personally would like to invite all of you to join us in our efforts to provide benefits to our local community and to our members. Please attend our events, and get connected, be part of our vibrant extended family at ABAIE.

With a grateful heart, and at your service,

Deborah Kristianto

2018-2019 President

Asian Business Association of the Inland Empire


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